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To be a global leader in exhaust fan environmental home appliances,Jinling tries its best to achieve the self-worth with more than 40 years.The company will be adhering to the core value of the "enterprising Jinling dedicated Jinling, and grateful Jinling".Adhere to the craftsman spirit to innovate exhaust fan products.

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Jiangmen jinxing exhaust fan manufacturing co., LTD. Was established in 2000. its predecessor is jiangmen jinxing household appliance co., LTD. Since 1974 the company produce China's first home exhaust fan, focus on environmental electronics research and development, production, sales of more than 40 years.










2000 YEAR



From enterprising market situation, Jinling can stimulate the infinite vitality; from within the enterprise, in the limited office space, can inspire the team's infinite vitality, enhance creativity; from the product function, in a limited space, Jinling can live in an infinite living space.

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Since its establishment,Jinling has won praises from customers for its good faith.Especially, its air curtain fan, bathroom extractor fan, antique fan, ceiling mount exhaust fan and so on. It has established long - term cooperative relationship with many enterprises with its solid strength, reasonable price and excellent service.

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Strive to achieve the company's production goals.

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We have established a good partnership.

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Customer first, service first sales model.


Innovative mechanisms that keep pace with The Times .

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As a global leader in environmental home appliances, exhaust fan products are mainly used in bathroom or kitchen. We have bathroom extractor fan, kitchen extractor fan, inline exhaust fan, air curtain as well as antique fan.


Its main product ranges of ventilating fans, electrical fans, ceiling fans, air curtain and bathroom heaters.

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The company is located in No.1 Jinling Road, Binjiang Avenue, Jiangmen City, Guangdong, China. The ventilation fan plant covers an area of about 45,000 square meters. Its main product ranges of ventilation fans, antique electric fans, ceiling mount exhaust fan, air curtain, kitchen extractor fan and bathroom heaters. And selling to more than 20 domestic provinces, cities and municipalities, exported to over 40 countries and regions, for example Europe and the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East, South Africa.commercial kitchen extractor fan, ventilation fan price, toilet ventilation, ventilation suppliers, commercial air curtain, air curtains for sale, air curtain supplier, air curtain fan, ventilation equipment suppliers, commercial ventilation fan, ventilation fan manufacturers in china, commercial ventilation fan manufacturers, china exhaust fan suppliers, china exhaust fan manufacturer, exhaust fan wholesalers suppliers, exhaust fans manufacturers suppliers, wall exhaust fan, wall ventilation fan, in wall vent fan, in line exhaust fan, window extractor fan, window ventilation fan, in line fan, inline exhaust fan, inline bathroom exhaust fan, inline ventilation fan, inline fans for sale, inline ceiling extractor fan, antique fan, antique fans for sale, antique electric fans, antique floor fans, antique electric fans for sale, wall mount exhaust fan, wall mount bathroom fan, wall mounted extractor fan, ceiling mounted extractor fan, window mount exhaust fan, bathroom window fan, window ventilation fan, window mounted bathroom exhaust fan, window mounted ventilation fan, ceiling mount exhaust fan, bathroom extractor fan, kitchen extractor fan, kitchen ventilation fan, toilet ventilation, ventilation suppliers, air curtains for sale, air curtain supplier, wall exhaust fan, wall ventilation fan, window extractor fan, in line fan, inline exhaust fan, antique fan, antique electric fans



Jinling is an expert of ventilation suppliers, we will publish some latest news about bathroom&kitchen exhaust fan,air curtain fan,antique fan. Welcome to attain more information.




Do You Know the Working Principle of Air Curtain?

Air curtains are everywhere in life, air curtain supplier holds the view that air curtains ensure isolate stale air, and their appeal largely comes down to the sizable reduction in electricity charges that can be made....




Is Your Extractor Fan Working Correctly?

Exhaust fan plays an important part in our daily life. Because the ceiling mount exhaust fans can make our indoor air fresher, and it is good for us. What's more, you should check your exhaust fans if they are working normally or not, after that, you should keep the ceiling mounted extractor fan clean....




Are Wall Mount Exhaust Fans Required In Our Daily Life?

Wall exhaust fans can remove stale air,we should depend on the size of the space to choose the capacity of the wall mount exhaust fans.When you choose a wall exhaust fan,you should consider these aspects:noise degree,energy effectivity as well as wall ventilation fan air ducts. ...

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