The Benefits Of Window Mount Ventilation Fan

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  • Time:2019/12/11

In daily life, we all know that the bathroom is a very important part of the home. We always need to wash and use the bathroom every day. The bathroom is arguably the dirtiest area in the house because the bathroom is wet all year round and has a lot of bacteria. If the ventilation effect is not very good, it is easy to emit odor, so when decorating the bathroom, everyone will always consider installing an window mount ventilation fan in the bathroom. I believe that every household has an window mount ventilation fan either because there are so many and various exhaust fans on the market or many exhaust fans in homes are broken. Therefore, it is of high value to choose a compatible and functional window mount ventilation fan that can work for quite a long time. People who want to buy an exhaust fan or who are going to buy an exhaust fan for the first time should pay attention to these following details.


As we know it, installing a ventilating fan in the kitchen is mainly to discharge oil fume generated during cooking. For most homes, a window is usually reserved in the kitchen. At this time, a window mount ventilation fan is more useful. It not only can quickly exhaust oil fume but also can exchange fresh air. In the end, it is worth mentioning that for the renovation of new houses, it is recommended that in the plumbing wiring phase, line reservations should be made for the locations where ventilating fans should be installed in the home environment to facilitate the connection of ventilating fan lines. According to the style of home decoration, different types of ventilation fans add creativity to your life.

Needless to say, we must pay attention when selecting the type of exhaust fan. At present, the more common types of exhaust fans on the market are ceiling, wall-mounted, and window types. The ceiling-type exhaust fans can be installed on the top of the bathroom. Its appearance is also better, but you should also pay attention to this time because the duct of this exhaust fan is relatively short, so you need to purchase a separate ventilation pipe that matches the duct during installation. Because this type of exhaust fan operates in one direction, it can only exhaust indoor air. What’s more, the length of the duct reduces the exhaust force during operation. Therefore, it is only suitable for installation in living rooms with good air circulation, but not for installation in kitchens and bathrooms with a limited price of around 100 yuan. The wall-mounted type has a small volume and can be inlaid above the window, but due to the narrow cross-section of the air outlet, the ventilation is weak, so it is only suitable for installation in small spaces such as bathrooms or closed balconies. However, the window mount ventilation fan is different from the first two, it has single and double two-way operation mode, which can exhaust indoor air and replenish indoor air with outdoor fresh air. Therefore, it is most suitable to install window mount ventilation fan in bedrooms, kitchens and other rooms.

All in all, window mount ventilation fan is the most ideal choice.

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