Three Tips for Choosing a Toilet Ventilation Fan

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In this blog, we will talk about how to choose the proper toilet ventilation fan. Read on for our expert recommendations and advice.

What kind of ventilation fan?

There are three primary sorts of ventilation fan to pick out from: axial, centrifugal and in line fan.

Axial fans are commonly the least powerful, however nice for most situations. They shouldn’t be ducted more than 2-3m, so should definitely only be set up on a wall with direct get right of entry to the outside.

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If you want to duct your fan extra than this distance, you ought to look at a centrifugal fan. These are extra effective than axial fans, so are additionally desirable for greater bathrooms. They are additionally noisier.

In line fan followers are another option, they are hooked up in the loft or ceiling void, and are exquisite for ducting long distances, regularly up to 50m, and the place there is no direct get admission to an outdoor wall. Inline exhaust fan also has the advantage of being installed out of the way, so you hardly ever hear an awful lot from them, even although they are the most effective type of fan available.

Toilet Ventilation Fan-Mains or Low Voltage

A low voltage toilet ventilation fan is required for setting up in area 1 or 2 of a bathroom, mains is best for outdoor of those zones. In simple terms, this skill if the fan is being put within 60cm of the side of the tub or bathe cubicle, and below a peak of 2.25m, it needs to be low voltage.

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Toilet Ventilation Fan-Noise Levels

Surprisingly often over-looked when deciding on a fan is the noise level. If you want a quiet bathroom extractor fan, go for something with a dB degree much less than 32. Anything above forty-two should be considered noisy.

Toilet Ventilation Fan-Required Extraction Rate

It’s essential to understand the minimum necessities for extraction prices for lavatory followers as set out by way of Building Regs. For tub and bathrooms these are 15 liters per second, and for bogs, they are 6 liters per second. I’d propose something more effective for both rooms, for lavatories something between 21 and 25 liters, and for bathrooms, whatever above 15 liters should suffice.

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