Using Tips Of Window Mount Exhaust Fan

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  • Time:2019/12/12

The louvered window mount exhaust fan is the most widely used ventilating fan, which is mainly composed of ancillary components such as motors, fan blades, wind frames, panels, shutters, and dedicated pull-wire switches. The motor generally uses a single-phase capacitor to run an asynchronous motor. Window mount exhaust fan below 150mm also use shaded pole motors. The fan blades are generally injection-molded with ABS and AS plastic, which is light in weight and high in strength. The winding frame is usually made of sheet steel by stamping and spot welding, and it also uses plastic injection molding. The panel is of a plastic injection mold. Shutters are usually stamped and formed from sheet steel or tinplate.

The window mount exhaust fan has a novel appearance, the color is in harmony with the room color, the plane has no warping, the plastic parts are smooth, the electroplated parts are bright, there are no rust marks, and the blades can rotate. After the power is turned on, the blades rotate smoothly without abnormal noise and large air volume. The self-blowing shutters are flexible and linked shutters are sensitive to rotation on all sides. Two-way window mount exhaust fan converts freely. The temperature rise of the motor is not too high, and the noise is small. The speed of the exhaust fan with speed regulation function is obvious, the capacitive motor is not more than 65%, and the cover plate is not more than 80%.


We should also pay attention to when installing, it should be close to the original air duct and air outlet when installing, and also choose to be closer to the place where moisture is generated, so that the exhaust fan's working efficiency will be higher. It is also recommended to install it above the shower, otherwise, the airflow generated by the exhaust fan will make us feel uncomfortable while showering.

After a long period of operation, the filter screen will affect the air volume and effect due to dust and dirt blocking. It is best to clean it every two weeks as follows. Firstly, unplug the power supply; secondly, loosen the screws, remove the rear cover, unplug the connector, remove the filter and the rear cover together; thirdly, mix with detergent and water to the appropriate concentration and next, put the filter and the rear cover into the container, and wash for 10 to 15 minutes and then change to clean water to wash again, and in the meantime avoiding immersing the small motor in water or rinsing the small motor with water; lastly, reinstall the filter and the rear cover back to the original place. What ’s more, when filling a water-cooled unit, use pure water whenever possible. Purified water has high purity and few bacteria, which can reduce the breeding of bacteria during the condensation process. The water in the water tank should be added frequently to keep it at a safe level, and it should be replaced regularly.

After the long-term operation of window mount exhaust fan, it will be blocked by dust and dirt, which will affect the air volume and cooling effect of the filter and curtain. Therefore, it is best to clean it every two weeks.

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